Thursday, 26 November 2009

Neville Brody: Wanker or Genius?

I went to the Neville Brody D&AD lecuture last night, well it was more like an interview performed by Adrian Shaughnessy. They touched on many different subjects, least of all graphic design, which was a nice change.

Brody expressed his views on design education and how the current system has essentially turned education into a business and should be thrown out and re built. He touched on the concept of being a 'design celebrity' and how this had caused unfair personal attacks on him within the design community among many other topics, which somehow regularly seemed to result in slagging off right wing politicians.

The talk was extremely interesting, Brody is an very articulate individual with a lot to say and an effective way of saying it, however his views on the future are slightly bleak: 'considering how firmly in the pocket of Rupert Murdoc the future government of this country is, one day we'll all be working for him.' He also made the fascinating observation that this generation is the first in history where the future is not neccesarily seen as a positive place.

The talk ended with an audience vote: Neville Brody, wanker or genius? I didn't really agree with either sentiment but voted genius just because i'm nice like that..

Big up your chest Neville Brody

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